At BNC Tax, our clients often need the services of a Mexican accountant to prepare their Mexican taxes. For example, someone who owns a business or a rental property in Mexico will need to file and pay taxes in Mexico. We have partnered with Paula Blanco from Equilibrium Tax and Law to serve U.S. citizens who have tax filing obligations in Mexico. 

Paula is Mexican a CPA, holding a degree in Public Accounting from Escuela Bancaria y Comercial as well as a master’s degree in Mexican Taxes from Instituto de Estudios Universitarios. She has been offering tax and accounting services for individuals and corporations for many years in the Puerto Vallarta area where she started in the construction industry and later started her own practice at Equilibrium Tax & Law. Paula is bilingual (Spanish and English), and she is an expert at navigating the Mexican business accounting and tax system, which is quite different from the U.S. system.

Equilibrium Tax & Law specializes in Mexican tax preparation, tax planning, and business consulting. They do bookkeeping, issue facturas (Mexican invoices), and handle payroll. They stay up-to-date with legislative and regulatory changes in Mexico (which happen frequently), so they can offer accurate advice and help you design the Mexican tax strategy that is best for you. They also offer consulting to help you optimize your business finances.

Company services:

  • Tax planning for individuals and corporations, both for profit and non-profit.
  • Full accounting services complying both with Mexican tax laws and Financial Information Standards.
  • Monthly, bi-monthly, and yearly tax return submission to both Federal and local authorities for individuals and corporations.
  • Business planning.
  • Internal control systems design and implementation.
  • Payroll services: transactions with IMSS, payroll calculations, issuing of electronic payroll receipts, calculation and issuing of Social Security, income tax withheld, and local payroll tax bills.
  • Cost analysis and sales price studies.
  • Related parties studies.
  • Creation, review, and adjustment of legal documents to support transactions that have or may have tax implications through our legal team.
  • Real estate due diligence and closing coordination.

If you are in need of Mexican business services, accounting services, payroll services, tax planning or tax preparation services, please contact Paula Blanco through the Equilibrium website. You can schedule a phone consultation through the website on this page, or by emailing or calling +52 (322) 157-8466.

Mexico Tax Reform of 2022

Paula has written a series of blog posts about the Mexico Tax Reform of 2022. Read about how the tax reform will affect businesses this year.

You can also find other useful articles on Paula’s blog, such as:

So check her blog for answers to many common questions!

U.S. Tax Preparation for Homeowners and Business Owners in Mexico

BNC Tax specializes in U.S. tax preparation for Americans living abroad. We know how to navigate the complex issues that homeowners and business owners in Mexico face. Schedule a consultation with us today by making an appointment on our Appointment Calendar.